Scottsdale Year 5

On February 8thwe jumped into Hi Ho Silver

Hi Ho Ouch !!!

but only took a short trip to the body shop to have the repairs done on the car while we were away.  Came home and jumped into Black Beauty

Thanks to Alamo

and headed for parts East & South.  We had brunch with my sister Jill in Sand Hollow Idaho

Interesting place as it is the only building in "town"

on the 9th and headed for Utah.  Barbara got an ear infection that night and we found a new BFF in “Instacare” in North Ogden, UT.

27 minutes after walking into the office, seeing a doctor, getting a prescription filled we walked out all ready to continue the trip.  A stop by Deseret Industries in West Jordon to meet up with our niece to get some canning supplies, and finished products, to take to AZ for my brother and his wife.

We stayed in Provo at our son’s house and off on Saturday night to “Love on Broadway”

Love on Broadway

a musical review of favorite Broadway songs about love.  Our granddaughter Brooklyn was part of the cast.

Notice Brooklyn

Another day of rest and lots of snow and we headed south again. Those stretches if I-15 that are 80 MPH are great.  If anyone ever asks, buy your gas in St George UT not Mesquite NV.  40 cents a gallon more in NV.  More driving and we arrived in Scottsdale for the Arabian horse show.

New background every year

Our main reason for the trip.  This is Brooklyn’s 5th year showing there and we have been each year.

Then after the first show (in which Brooklyn won a ribbon)

5th place today (out of 27)

we headed off to my brothers home. In the following days we did more shows,

"Slick" stands proud

more ribbons

Top 10 out of a VERY big class

and visits with Albert and DJ Wilson, dinner with the Manginos and church with Dan and Melissa McAfee.

Jerry picked fresh oranges, tangelos, and grapefruit from his back yard and we took them to the stables with us for the crowd there.

Monday the 20thwe headed west on I-10 and stopped to visit Norville and Leoyce Broadbent at their “winter” home in Palm Desert. We went to dinner at a posh Southern CA restaurant

Top notch place

.  A couple of more relaxed driving days and we stopped to visit an old missionary companion of mine Justin

My first "Greenie" (44 years later)

(had not seen him in 42 years) He was actually my first “greenie”.

44 Years ago

They are in Folsom, not the prison the town.  He works at the Sacramento Temple one day a week.

Very pretty

Got to meet his wife Lori

Justin has great taste in ladies

and their youngest son Andrew.  Great visit then we hit the road again and went north on I-5.

Last stop before home was our daughter Rundi’s home (and of course we saw Frankie the cat).

Home late Sunday evening after driving through sleet, snow, hail, and some sunshine.  Great trip now we just need time to recover from vacation.

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