Daily Archives: April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Reegan

Wednesday we jump into good ’ole Hi Ho

Hi Ho Silver "Away"

and headed south.  We stayed the night at Rundi’s and headed for the Oregon Coast Thursday morning, stopping at the Woodburn Outlet mall

Woodburn Oregon

then on to Newport.

The goal of this trip was to help Reegan celebrate her 9thbirthday

Birthday girl

Even though her birthday was not that day she had planned a party for some of her friends. We helped decorate by hanging streamers

Reegan's bedroom door

and other decorations,

Dad and guests in the foreground

and blowing up balloons

Grandma hung them on the wall

(Ella helped me with this job).   About 6PM guests start arriving for a 7PM start.

Here come the girls


More guests

9 eight and nine year old girls.

First we had appetizers and popcorn

Good goodies

then pizza and pink lemonade, then for dessert we had “grilled cheese” sandwiches

Grilled cheese

Now with candles

And now they are out

and “Tomato” soup.

Soup was NOT hot

Ask Reegan what they really were.

The invitations had asked them to bring mud boots and pajamas.   In their treat bags were glow in the dark sticks and LED flashlights.  So outside in the rain they went and played flashlight tag and harassed the chickens.  Once they were all wet and muddy, they came inside, changed into their PJ’s and we opened presents.


Lots of squeals of joy (I think that is what they were).

Now for the good fun

Reegan would not let me try out her new longing whip.

Not a fly rod


(I thought it was a new fishing pole when it was wrapped). After the presents were opened

More presents

And still more presents

they each had a pillow cover to decorate and then take home.

Pj'ed girls and pillow cases


More of the above

Mom starts cleaning up

Thank Heaven for moms

Barbara and I left about that time and missed the movie and the goodbyes as the party ended about 10:30 PM.

I guess we are getting too old for all the excitement and the sounds of that many young ladies having fun.

After breakfast at the Pig N Pancake

Girls' favorite breakfast spot

where we again celebrated Reegan’s birthday and Ella’s getting a new bike because she can now ride with no training wheels, we headed towards home.

No excitement coming home except for the sunshine and no rain.